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Good Leadership - Under the Radar

While January often reminds us we are in the "dead" of winter, it also signals a time of "renewal." People who make resolutions or set intentions for the new year are still committed to achieving them. Spring is on the horizon, and we dream of—and plan for—the days of summer, including vacations and time away from the daily grind. During this time of rebirth, I feel compelled to examine old habits and old thinking of mine that, for many reasons, may no longer be accurate—or relevant. With that, I propose that we consider what it would be like if the assumptions we made about leadership were, unfortunately, wrong. Read More »

Leadership: The Gift That Continues to Give

Picture the best holiday gift you ever received. Was it something practical for your home? Or maybe the latest high-tech gadget from Apple or Amazon? Or perhaps it was a sentimental gift, like a family photo or heirloom. It’s easy to focus on the material when we think of gift-giving. But, as the new year approaches, it’s also important for us, as healthcare leaders to focus on ways to invest in ourselves—in our leadership development and professional and personal growth. Read More »

Thinking Like a Leader – Improving Lives

I’ve read a number of leadership books over the past few decades and I never remember coming across a book or a chapter of a book focused on improving the lives of those you lead. Yes, it is probably assumed and/or buried in the ideas and actions of a good leader that the lives of those who follow that leader will be better for having been a part of the leader’s mission, vision and actions. Yet, I’m not convinced this idea should be kept buried or considered an “extra” when it comes to the good that a leader can do. In this case my leadership paradigm is one of business exists to serve people, not the other way around. Read More »

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