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Our expert coaches can bring tailored leadership and staff development programs, team-building interventions and individualized coaching sessions to you.

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October 18, 2019

Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City

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Hot Topics at MHEI

Thinking Like a Leader – Teaming

For decades now we’ve been taught to think of our department, unit, organization as a “team.” Back in the 1970’s we were shown how teams and teamwork improved productivity in Japan and we tried to emulate it here with no, some or only moderate success. We also recognize that the performance evaluation and compensation system (and probably other systems we’ve fashioned) are focused on individual effort and accomplishment and not team effort and success. Read More »

Living Mentally Healthy

About one in five Marylanders suffers from mental health and substance use disorders. And, we know, that many of them are going untreated. This trend is being felt nationwide. And it’s increasingly falling to our hospitals and health systems to identify ways to support those with mental health concerns — including people in our communities and our own staff at times. Read More »

Thinking Like a Leader – Coaching

There may not be a role that has been so prevalent in our lives yet seems so elusive to us as leaders than that of a coach. Most of us grew up in an environment where coaches were all around us, whether or not we played sports, were on cheerleading squads, belonged to clubs, almost all of us were either coached or had exposure to coaches and what they do from the time we were young. Read More »

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Our Approach

MHEI takes care in understanding your situation, environment and what it is you want to accomplish.

Because we are concerned with your success we can help you build better leaders, solve current dilemmas, and assist you in developing your team so that achieving results within the constantly changing health care world continues along your chosen path.

Let us help you.


Membership is available to all health care organizations and includes MHEI member organizations that have seen the impact of our education and programs for 40 years.

Member benefits include discounted program rates and access to:

  • Consulting and coaching solutions
  • A robust healthcare network
  • Opportunity to receive leading edge information

Membership is available to all health care related organizations. To learn more about membership, click here.

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