Leadership Coaching

3 to 6-month customized coaching plans
to strengthen leadership skills


Focused, individual development designed to assist not only developing skills but in applying skills to everyday situations to improve performance.

MHEI is YOUR “thinking partner” to help YOU get results!

Why Invest in a Coach?
One-on-one, customized attention allows an individual to focus on specific issues or skills unique to themselves and their role.

3 to 6-month customized coaching plans
Including: MHEI’s Leadership Coach, assessments, and resources to help YOU achieve your goals

Possible Assessments include:

  • DiSC® Behavioral Styles
  • StrengthsFinder®
  • LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory

Candidates for Leadership Coaching:

Managers and Leaders:

  • New to their role
  • New to the organization
  • Preparing to advance
  • Facing challenges
  • Seeking improvements

Strengthen Your Leaders Today