Boot Camp

A 6-month series designed to give new managers the management basics

6-month virtual training series

  • Build leadership competencies
  • Strengthen mid-level and newly appointed leaders
  • Attend virtually from your office or home office

Monthly live virtual training on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of each month

10:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

Individual 1:1 Leadership Coaching included with registration

Monthly Leadership Topics

Each month we focus on a new leadership competency and incorporate real-world scenarios.

July | January


Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the key role of trust
2. Examine your role and responsibilities in creating a climate of trust
3. Identify strategies to establish your credibility
4. Identify strategies to effectively manage multigenerational teams

August | February


Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the importance of cost
2. Identify the importance of good
management of costs
3. Analyze financial statements,
including budgets, income
statements, and variance reports

September | March


Learning Objectives:
1. Describe human resources activities
2. Review key labor laws and legislation
3. Identify employee rights based on the National Labor Relations Act
4. Recognize the importance of compliance
5. Identify at least two leadership actions to support employees and the organization

October | April


Learning Objectives:
1. Identify key components of the interview process
2. Recognize the advantages of behavioral interviewing
3. Create behavioral based interview questions
4. Describe legal and illegal interview components

November | May


Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the steps to effective delegation
2. Evaluate goals utilizing the SMART model
3. Recognize strategies of using staff feedback in managing performance
4. Identify effects of personal biases on performance assessments

December | June


Learning Objectives:
1. Identify when a conversation becomes courageous
2. Recognize the seven courageous conversations in healthcare
3. Analyze the steps in courageous conversations
4. Demonstrate courageous conversation skills


Contact: Kelly Yost, Manager of Programs and Membership


“MHEI’s Management Boot Camp has built our mid-level leaders’ skills. We have seen a great improvement in our leaders as a result of these classes.”

~ Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer & Leader of Boot Camp Participants

“I have been hearing all good things about MHEI Management Boot Camp from my team and have sat in on some sessions myself. Your educator has been wonderful!”

~ Director Clinical Operations & Leader of Boot Camp Participants

“When I first became a Program Manager, I knew I had to find the tools, a crash course, or perhaps a seminar that will enhance my leadership skills. Management Boot Camp was like the golden elixir I couldn’t find in reading textbooks and instructional manuals.”

~ Program Manager & Boot Camp Graduate

“MHEI Management Boot camp is a step-by-step, scenario-after-scenario [guide to] situations you will face in your journey as a manager. It has all the time-tested and research-based instructional formulae you would need to grow, and become a successful leader in your career.”

~ Program Manager & Boot Camp Graduate

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