Leadership: More than Medicine

Every hospital has their own stories of the brilliant physician with almost inconceivable powers to heal, yet, shall we say, less than optimal interpersonal or leadership skills. It’s tough to wrap your head around this idea – that some people can excel in one area of their profession yet be deficient in another.

For decades, shortcomings in physician leadership were able to be overlooked for many reasons: an abundance of redundancy among managers and a hospital culture where departments and individuals operated in silos, to name a couple. Now, in the hospital of the 21st century, there are no more lines between physicians and leaders. Doctors are being asked to do more than ever before and, having spent years honing their technical skills, are often finding themselves without the tools needed to effectively lead others.

And as respected clinicians, doctors play a unique leadership role in hospitals. Rather than the traditional top-down leadership structure in other organizations, physicians are called upon to be leaders to their peers as well, a responsibility that comes with its own set of challenges.

Not all physician leaders are as bad as Dr. Romano from ER, as you saw in the video, but nearly all could benefit from spending some time developing their leadership skills in the same way they developed their clinical skills. That’s why MHEI has been building a complement of programs targeted to doctors in leadership roles, so they can begin to emulate their expertise with medicine in a very different aspect of their jobs.

Leadership, like medicine, is not something that simply comes naturally to most people. And, like with medicine, understanding of concrete leadership principles and training on how to use them lead to more effective, higher quality leaders. MHEI’s programs provide both the basic principles of sound leadership and practical methods to employ them. We hope you too see the value in developing these skills, so that physicians can inspire as well as they heal.

Join us for our 2018 Skill-Building Series for Physician Leaders:
• February 22 – Leading an Effective Meeting
• March 22 – Collaboration and Leading Teams
• April 19 – Conflict Resolution and Managing Behavior
• May 17 – Maryland Healthcare Reimbursement and its Impact on Providers


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