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As a health care leader, your biggest asset is the team you work alongside to attain the strategic-level goals designed for long-term success of your organization. And at times, we know how easy it is to get caught up in day-to-day responsibilities, making it difficult to focus on your long-term goals. That’s where we come in.

At MHEI Connect, our focus is helping you and your team work toward achieving your organizational goals in the convenience of your workplace. Our expert coaches come to your office, and work directly with you and your team, to present tailored programs, team-building interventions and individualized coaching sessions that will jumpstart your plan for success through the engagement of every member of your team.

What We Do

  • Maximize existing resources
  • Develop effective leadership teams
  • Create a positive work culture

How We Work

We identify challenges and organizational goals to understand your desired results by providing tailored training solutions, that include:

  • Custom-Designed Programming
  • Individual Coaching


Who We Work With

  • Large Teaching Medical Centers
  • Multi-Hospital Health Systems
  • Independent and Small Rural Hospitals
  • Health Care Provider Practices

Watch Us in Action

Popular Sessions

We offer the following popular sessions among others, and are always happy to develop customized sessions to best meet the needs of your team. Contact us directly for our full list of sessions: or

Action Planning for Staff Engagement
You have data regarding the levels of staff engagement. Now what are you going to do with it?  MHEI Connect partners with your team to review staff engagement scores and develop an action plan document that contains detailed steps to accomplish specific goals connected to targeted performance objectives regarding staff engagement.

Courageous Conversations
When people have the opportunity to discuss workplaces issues, it can have a positive impact, including creating greater efficiency, improved working relationships, and increased employee satisfaction. This workshop teaches skills for fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional and risky topics.  Click here to learn more: Courageous Conversations

DiSC®: Why Do I Behave this Way?
Before leading others, we must first understand ourselves.  In this session, we will complete the DiSC® behavioral styles inventory and examine the four behavioral styles that make up the DiSC® model.

DiSC®: Team Building Workshop
In this customized workshop, your team members will complete the DiSC® behavioral styles inventory leading to enriched discussion of each individual’s own style as well as the style of others. Armed with this knowledge, your team will gain an understanding of how others behave and, more importantly, how to use that knowledge to be more effective in their interactions.  Click here to learn more: Team Building.

Driving Results: Staff Engagement
When clinical and non-clinical staff feel discouraged, disempowered and disengaged they perform at a sub-optimal level. This workshop focuses on evidence-based leadership strategies designed to increase employee engagement and ultimately the patient experience.

Embracing Performance Appraisals 
It’s not unusual to feel angst around performance appraisals.  Instead of checking them off the “to-do” list, learn how to leverage performance appraisals for staff growth, development and engagement.

Healthcare Finance and Budgeting Basics
Healthcare organizations are tasked each year with accomplishing more with less resources. Being a good financial steward is a critical component of leadership, especially in the current complex healthcare environment.  MHEI Connect partners with your Senior Leadership and Finance teams to customize this program based on the needs of your organization.  Click here to learn more: Finance and Budgeting Basics

Hiring for Fit: Strategies to Recruit and Retain a Quality Team
Set the stage for engagement by selecting candidates who are the “right” fit for your organization’s culture. Employees who are committed to the mission, vision and values of your organization are key drivers of engagement.  MHEI Connect partners with your HR and Talent Acquisition teams to customize this interactive session based on your organization’s interview process.

Leveraging Change
How a leader promotes and handles change can impact not only the success of an organizational challenge, but the level of confidence and trust in leaders of that organization. This workshop focuses on helping leaders plan and implement change effectively by providing both a roadmap and tools for leading successfully.

Managing Multiple Generations in the Workforce
For the first time ever, we have four generations in the workforce.  This session focuses on understanding the unique characteristics of each generation and identifying strategies to leverage the strengths of each to create a cohesive workforce.

Onboarding Best Practices
You selected the right candidate, now learn how to set them up for success with onboarding best practices.

Rolling Out Resiliency: Quick Tools For Reigniting Your Team
Resiliency is a critical skill for health care staff, clinical and non-clinical alike, to develop and use. MHEI Connect customizes this program, using the research of Dr. Bryan Sexton of Duke University, to meet your organization’s specific challenges and strengthen your team’s ability to cope individually and collectively. This results in increased morale, teamwork, and overall engagement within your department and organization.  Click here to learn more: Rolling out resiliency

Proven Success

“MHEI has been invaluable to GBMC HealthCare System because of their ability to meet our educational needs in leadership development. They customize their programs as per our requirements and they have always delighted our participants with a nice mix of content, reflection and humor!”

John B. Chessare, MPH
President & CEO
GBMC HealthCare System

“Suburban Hospital has partnered with MHEI over the years to support the development of our leaders and staff through a variety of educational collaborations. We value our relationship with MHEI, and look forward to continuing to work together closely to develop the very best health care leaders.”

Brian Ebbitt
Senior Director of Administration
Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital

“I am indebted to [the MHEI Connect staff] for your terrific presentations, your patients with the many buildings and units and of course that wonderful energy and dedication you have for making the hospitals in Maryland better places for the citizens to receive services. Many Thanks.”

Paula Langmead
Springfield Hospital Center

Case Study

Organizational Need
The Director of several departments at a Baltimore-based academic medical center was interested in engaging leaders of several different departments in a structured setting to enhance leadership skills and generate greater collaboration across departments.  In order to continue to provide the highest quality care and positive patient experience, it was pertinent for each leader to understand his/her various roles independently and collectively, along with their shared values and goals.

MHEI coaches met with the Director to review and assess each department to better understand their current successes, challenges, and responsibilities, with a strong focus on long-term, cross-departmental goals.

Recommended Solutions
MHEI experts recommended the development of a tailored CORE Leadership Program designed to specifically focus on the challenges and long-term goals for the medical center. The focus of this unique program was on growing leadership competencies around engagement, accountability and collaboration, while at the same time building individual skills, along with the skills, synergy and impact of leaders within a team.

As part of MHEI’s CORE Leadership Program, individual coaching is offered during the in-person sessions and continues to be offered in the months following the program to individuals as needed. This provides participants a chance to begin to implement the skills they learn in the CORE Leadership Program and follow up with MHEI coaches to ask questions as they arise in real time.

MHEI coaches and the Director agreed to a phased training schedule over a  time period of several months. Three different cohorts were established that consisted of multiple leaders from each of the various departments identified to encourage collaboration among all departments.

Each cohort attended a total of six days of training; each session occurred approximately every two-three weeks. After the first cohort completed its six days of training the next cohort started its training, and so on. Upon completion of the six sessions by all three cohorts MHEI met with all participating leaders across all three cohorts for a final collective session to summarize and discuss the key takeaways from the CORE Leadership training.

Following the very first session, the Director noticed an immediate difference in the department leaders participating in CORE Leadership Program that MHEI specifically customized for them. Leaders were excited about what they had learned and anxious to build on their initial experience.

Upon completion of the CORE Leadership Program, there was a noticeable increase in each department leader’s confidence, decisiveness, and desire to collaborate across departments. Even a year after leaders completed the program, they continued to demonstrate strength in their leadership skills by creatively applying what they learned in CORE to various workplace challenges.

As a result of their participation in the CORE Leadership Program, all of the program participants continue to thrive independently as leaders and collectively as a leadership team. The Director found MHEI coaches to be knowledgeable, flexible and innovative in their approach to meet the specific goals requested. As a result of the success of the CORE Leadership Program, the Director has since registered several other leaders to participate in the program.

Meet Our Experts

MHEI’s experts have more than 90 years combined experience working with health care managers and leaders. Our diverse background in leadership and education includes a doctorate degree in education with a focus on leadership and human resource development; a master’s degree in nursing administration’ clinical experience; and a published dissertation on “employee empowerment.”

Mark S. Rulle, EdD, President
Mark has worked in the health care industry since 1980 developing leaders and improving organizations. His doctoral research focused on employee empowerment and Mark has spent his career assisting others in becoming better at engaging others, being accountable and holding others to that same standard, and achieving results.  In his role as President of MHEI, Mark is committed to assisting others in achieving their goals.

Katrina Coleman, BSN, MSN, Leadership and Engagement Strategist
Katrina has been in the health care industry for 20 years during which she has consulted and coached with hundreds of mangers assisting them in developing and implementing skills to help them achieve their goal of running a productive and quality-driven department/unit. As a master’s prepared nurse and an ATD-Certified Coach with many years of hospital experience behind her, Katrina understands the needs of leaders and staff as well as the environment in which they operate. Katrina’s goal is to assist others in using their own talents and strengths to create quality outcomes.

Lyndley O’Dell, MS, PHR, SHRM-CP, Leadership and Engagement Strategist
Lyndley is a healthcare human resources professional with experience in various aspects of HR including talent acquisition, onboarding, employee engagement, employee relations, performance management and organizational development. Lyndley has experience partnering with healthcare leaders and guiding them through challenging situations as well as managing an HR team.  In addition to holding two HR certifications, Lyndley is also certified through ATD’s Improving Human Performance program.  Lyndley is passionate about building collaborative relationships and offering customized strategies to help leaders and staff achieve results.

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