As a partner to more than 50 health care organizations in Maryland, we provide unbiased and highly informed opportunities to help you achieve results.

Every staff member of a MHEI member organization can take advantage of:

  • Discounted program rates
  • Access to MHEI staff that can help with “in-the-minute” challenges and provide helpful tools and resources
  • Affordable and customized consulting solutions
  • A network of health care professionals
  • Ongoing discussion of current health care topics

Additionally, many of the services offered are a benefit of your membership and therefore, there is no additional charge to access them.

Interested in membership? Contact Kelly Yost, or 410-796-6239, to see how you can become a member and discuss rates.

MHEI also offers Associate Membership opportunities for non-hospital organizations. See what other organizations utilize an MHEI membership.


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