Leadership Training

MHEI designed the Leadership Training programs to create an ongoing interactive learning opportunity for its members.

Each program addresses the challenges facing healthcare leaders at different points in their careers, including new and seasoned managers, physicians and trustees. Each curriculum is tailored to the ever-changing healthcare landscape and provides the tools and skills needed to adapt to these changes and positively impact their organization. Not a member? Learn how to join here. You can also read more about our programs and leadership tools on our blog.

Management Boot Camp

MHEI Management Boot Camp provides new managers with a monthly program to build a foundation of basic competencies needed to be successful in their roles. Each session is tailored to the challenges and opportunities an inexperienced manager may face in the healthcare landscape. With the tools MHEI Management Boot Camp provides, managers can create positive work environments and set the tone for a culture in the workplace that will provide immediate improvement to their department and the organization.

The program will cover the following twelve topics:

Building Employee Relationships • Managing Performance • Recruitment and Employment • Onboarding • Decision-Making and Problem Solving • Communication + Facilitation • Courageous Conversations • Process Improvement • Hospital Finances • Human Resources • Behavioral Styles • Employee Engagement


C.O.R.E. Leadership

Culture. Ownership. Results. Engagement. A culture of success and engagement can create an organization built to withstand and adapt to the ever- changing healthcare landscape. Managers and leaders are a critical aspect of the productivity and results and when they are ready to tackle new challenges, their teams and the organization benefit.

C.O.R.E. Leadership program was created to help leaders build upon the management basics and learn the competencies needed to create a positive culture of leadership. This immersion program was not designed as a lecture series, but rather an opportunity for a leader to engage and interact with the facilitators and colleagues.  C.O.R.E. offers six in-seat sessions, pre-recorded and live webinars, practical application assignments and one-on- one coaching following the completion of the program.

The program will cover the following six topics:

Creating a Culture of Engagement • The Leadership Relationship • Creating a Culture of Accountability • Creating a Collaboration to Achieve Results • Creating a Culture of Learning • Strengths-Based Leadership

The Practice of Leadership for Physicians

MHEI has designed a program specifically for physicians currently in, or seeking, leadership roles in order to enhance their current thinking as it relates to leading a team.

Physician leaders are in an environment where learning takes place constantly and the opportunity for reflection is key to honing the skills and competencies of leadership across various organizational structures.

Seminar Framework:

  • Four full days
  • Supplemental readings, instruments, videos
  • Continuing Medical Education credits awarded upon completion

Skill-Building for Physician Leaders

With the intensifying focus on population health, clinical safety, and measurable quality, the need—and opportunities— for strong physician leaders have exploded. To capitalize, you need to be ready to lead your unit, your department, or your practice like an optimally run business, one that combines exceptional customer service with smart, bottom-line strategies.

Contact the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI) to learn more about the sessions listed below that are designed to help you sharpen your competitive edge, build stronger working relationships, and be the leader your organization needs now.


  • Strategic Thinking & Planning
  • Leading an Effective Meeting
  • Collaboration & Leading Teams
  • Conflict Resolution & Managing Behavior
  • Maryland Healthcare Reimbursement: What Have We Learned? Where Are We Going?

Day 1: Leadership Awareness and DiSC Assessment
Day 2: Credibility, Values and Paradigms
Day 3: Engagement, Communication and Courageous Conversations
Day 4: Culture, Change, Accountability and Resilience (Tools to beat Burnout)

Contact Alison Burrows – aburrows@mhei.org or 410-796-6221.


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Elkridge, MD 21075


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